Ticketmaster: Artists Registration & Checkout Redesign


Project Scope

Redesign the account registration and checkout flow for artist merchandise/membership experiences. Previously, the experience was hosted between two sites for account membership sign up and payment processing. The goal was to combine the checkout and account creation into a unified experience.


Competitive Analysis


  • Users are able to make high level package comparisons, by off-loading package details to product page (after clicking learn more)
  • Short descriptions translate well for scrolling in the mobile screen view

Potential roadblocks for Fan Club Registration adoption

  • Many packages do not have description text; they are currently written as lists and may require content writer to edit.
  • Would require additional product landing page before checkout; elongating checkout flow


  • Users are able to enter sales funnel directly from product comparison page
  • Users can see the most important product details and ‘learn more’ at bottom covers all legal disclosures and details.
  • List style works well with many of the text we currently have for fan club packages.

Potential roadblocks for Fan Club Registration adoption

  • Carousel-style navigation (on mobile) relies on visuals. We may not have different visuals for fan club package; however, we can potentially put UI emphasis on scroll arrows instead.
  • Challenging in desktop screen to accommodate 3+ packages.


Use case

Stakeholders in the project shared with me that a primary use case of users purchasing membership was to qualify for early ticket access.

From google analytics data, we determined that a large percentage of users visited the site using a mobile device and adopted a mobile first approach. In addition, I also proposed to introduce an express checkout flow for users' whose primary goal was to purchase tickets and receive the early ticket access codes. They would be able to complete details (like picking merchandise size and filling in shipping address at a later time).



1. Select Membership package

1b. Product Detail Page


2. Create Account 

Option 1: Express Checkout (2 steps)


Option 2: Regular Checkout (3 steps)


3. Payment Information

Regular Checkout


Express Checkout


Review Order

For regular checkout only


Email Confirmation