KB Home - MyKB Discovery and Defintion

UX Research and Design for End-to-End Consumer Facing Application


Project Scope

Working with an agile team with an account director, technical project manger, and UX designer (myself) we worked with KB Home to define, design, and develop MyKB, a comprehensive web application that would manage the customer life cycle (engagement, sales, financing, design, construction, and retention).  

Catching up to Speed

I entered the process after several interviews had already been conducted. I standardized the research protocol created research protocols for Customers and Sales Counselors. Due to the legal constraints, we were not able to lead with customer facing interviews




Standardizing Stakeholder Interviews

We began interviewing the Marketing, Legal, Architecture, Sustainability, Design, Customer Support, IT, Sales, Construction.

I standardized the research protocols so we were able to gather consistent data during interviews and used a direct story-telling approach, followed with probes on positive and negative experiences. 




Mapping the Current Process

With many regional divisions across KB Home, through our interview process with stakeholders, our team mapped the end-to-end sales process and located 6 key phases: engagement, sales, design, construction, move in. By breaking it into phases, we were able locate the needs of the customers and the KB Home team, and dive into the pain points experienced. 

Journey Mapping Exercise

Working with both of the project managers on the team, I adapted Shelley Evanston service journey framework to help map the customer lifecycle. 

Process Artifacts




1. Inconsistent Process

  • Customer information is inconsistently tracked, missing opportunities to collect data on users and build meaningful relationships, and communicating between KB teams.
  • Orders and scheduling is manually submitted, delaying process and more susceptible to human error. Documents get lost, and back and communication (esp. via text) is difficult to track.
  •  Lack of standardized templates creates confusion and prevents building confidence and trust with customers. 

2. Customers Need Additional Educational Support

  • Many buyers are first time homeowners that require hand holding and educational support
  • Buyers need consistent expectation-setting and clear introduction hand off at the beginning of each phase
  • Buyers want to feel part of the process and experience of designing and building home
  • Customers need more take home materials to prep and digest visits
  • Supported and educated KB Homebuyer = more informed and satisfied customer

3. Lack of Price Transparency

  • Customers want accurate and real time price estimates on lots and floorplans during engagement phase to compare with competitors
  • Customers want final home pricing (with design options) before signing contracts
  • Customers often do not understand the savings of KB design options

4. Post-Sale Customer Retention

  • Customers need on-going support post sale of home.
  • There is no current process for filing claims post sale, creating a frustrating and challenging warranty experience
  • Dearth of positive KB home building stories to promote new sales

Painpoint overview

Based off the 20 interviews gathered from internal KB stakeholders, our team went through each interview transcription and documented instances of negative (pink) and positive (green) experiences. Each negative and positive experience was seperated into the corresponding phases that cooresponded to the journey map.  Using this framework, our team discovered recurring themes and pain points for each consumer phase.

The positive/negative experiences helped our team discover differences in the process across regions and document the most effective implemented solution.  For example, in Denver we found that the sales team employed a PIRATE card system to capture new lead information that would be passed to all memebers of the team. From this insight, our team created a feature for the MyKB app that digitized the PIRATE system to help sales counselors capture and share all necessary consumer information. 


Pain point Synthesis

On a macro-scale, our team needed to visualize the immediate user needs and synthesize the findings into prominent themes. This document visualized the four primary themes we heard: 

- Inconsistent Process
- Lack of Educational/Informative Information
- Post Sale Customer Retension
- Need for Price Transparency 

By creating a high-level pain points summary, the research exposed the need to focus on the Studio, Construction, and Warranty & Beyond phases. Against our team’s initial assumptions to focus on early stage sales funnel features, these findings helped our team prioritize features deeper in the sales funnel for round one of the application development.



Feature Definition

As our team conducted interviews, the our scope of stakeholders also grew from 5 to 9 as we realized the numerous departments involved with the KB Home sales process.  

Project Manager created the feature requirements for the product.

Feature requirements


Feature Value Visualization

This feature values matrix is based on the results of the feature scorecard exercise. The value of each feature was determined by the weighted average between business benefit and consumer benefit. The higher the feature, the more value the team saw in developing the feature. 

The cost of implementation was determined by the average between the anticipated technology, legal, and organizational difficulty. The features closest to the right represent the features most difficult to implement. 

The size of the features visualizes the pain point insights we gather from the 20+ stakeholder interviews. The larger the features visualize the more times we heard a need for the feature. The smaller the feature, the fewer times we heard a need for the feature. 




MyKB Golden User Journey Path and Demonstration Prototype

Our team decided to move forward and prototype a "golden path" for the proposed MyKB application working in agile sprints to release and iterate upon from the stakeholder interview sessions. 

The prototype, designed in Axure, served as a communication artifact tool to high level management to demonstrate an ideal user path through the entire KB Home buying, design, and build experience. You can demo it by clicking of the link.

User Journey Flow

MyKB Demonstration Prototype

MyKB Demonstration Prototype